Self-Publishing: How we can help

Services we offer:

Cover Design  |  Typesetting  |  Indexing
ISBN supply and lodgement
Printing  |  Binding  |  Marketing materials

We don’t offer Editing and Proofreading services, but we can recommend the following people for these services before printing your book with us!

Mitchell Paul –  |  Kate Garaty –
Sarah Ambrose –

The Book Publishing Process

Manuscript Preparation

Step 1. Write the book!

We recommend working with heading styles in place so that changes are easy to make later. If you need to have an index, likewise we suggest you index as you go, to save time in the typesetting phase. However, if you need more than one index, you should discuss it with our designer to decide if you can do it yourself, or if you need extra help with it.

Step 2. Editing/Proofreading

We don’t edit or proofread. This needs to be done before you bring the manuscript to us. We can recommend several people, as listed above. Please be aware that editing is a time consuming process, and is much easier when done before any typesetting is begun.

Step 3. Image insertion

Our graphic designer can place and caption any images you require. Images under copyright, must be credited to their source by law. Some may be free to use, but others may cost a fee. Please be sure to have permission to use any images before requesting their insertion into the text, or cover design.

Step 4. Typesetting/Indexing

Our graphic designer can do this for you, however depending how many headings and index entries the book requires, it could get a bit pricey.
Expect this to take some time, and some back and forth between you. We need to know the book size for this step.

Step 5. Last minute changes

Our designer can make last minute changes to the text, and cover design, however these should not be extensive.


We need to know the following info in order to quote you accurately:

Book size
Paper stock
Page number
Quantity of books
Required design assistance

If you’re not sure what you need, you’re welcome to come in and have a look at our materials and samples. If you’re unable to come in, we can also talk you through your options on the phone or via email. Feel free to ask us questions!

Cover Design

We do offer book cover design. We require you to source any photographs, or images you’d like to feature on it, and also make sure you have permission to use the image.
We also need the book title and blurb from you, and some direction on the style you’d like for the title. Our designer can assist you in all of this if you’re not sure where to start.

Printing and Production

After you’re happy with the design of the book, we’re happy to print a proof for you, but try to keep to one proof copy, as more than one incurs additional cost. Once this proof and the quote, has been approved, we go ahead and print and bind your books. We can print on a range of papers, and have a range of binding options, from coil binding, to stapling smaller booklets, to perfect binding, as you’d see in bookstores. The time this process will take depends on the quantity of books, and the specifications of the order. We’ll let you know a time frame once the order has been approved. For more information on our production options, check out our book printing information page!