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Kaligraphic picks Horizon as work grows

Standing by Horizon: (l-r) Kaligraphic's Alex Shmaiger, Katya Shmaiger, Mel Coates, Jerome Dizon

Standing by Horizon: (l-r) Kaligraphic’s Alex Shmaiger, Katya Shmaiger, Mel Coates, Jerome Dizon

Kaligraphic Print is installing a Horizon CRF-362 creaser and folder to cope with increasing demand, adding to its Horizon BQ-270 EVA perfect binder, both supplied by Currie Group.

The specialist book printer operates out of Leichhardt in Sydney’s inner west, and focuses on short-run on demand book printing.

Kaligraphic was only founded in July 2016 by friends with 20 years of experience in the industry, including twins Katya and Alex Shmaiger, who had wanted to start their own print business for some time.

Katya Shmaiger, director, Kaligraphic, says, “We specialise in books, that is our point of difference. Every printer in the inner west has their niche. We decided to specialise in small-run printed books on demand. We have four people, a designer, finishing specialist, production manager, and myself.

“We needed a perfect binder, and chose Horizon because Currie has been looking after us for many years in our other businesses. To be honest, I do not know any competitive equipment for perfect binding. For me Horizon is the best.

“We had a smaller creaser and folder from day one, but the demand was too great, so we bought the new machine.

“We are now looking at the three-side trimmer for books. We saw it at PacPrint, and how much time it saves is just amazing.

“We are using the Horizon hardware every day for runs of up to 2,000 books.”

Bernie Robinson, managing director, Currie Group, says “The first unit was a BQ-270 EVA single clamp perfect binder. Katya said she has had experience with it before, so she approached us to buy it.

“It is a great company, she is a lovely person, and it has been a perfect installation for Currie Group and a good relationship.”

Shmaiger says, “The business is going great, we cannot complain. We were lucky, it is not just hard work. A couple of printers closed in the inner west, the rent became too expensive, and others decided to finish up in the industry.

“Now they are print brokers, and they send their work through to us instead. It happened all at the right time.

“We have lots of work, so we needed more machinery.”

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