About Us

Welcome from the team at Kaligraphic

With over 20 years of combined printing industry experience, we always go the extra mile for our clients. We are committed to getting a great outcome at affordable prices, on time and on budget. Printing is not just our job, it’s our passion. Our team offers reliable services and a friendly attitude. We understand each project is different and we will take the time to understand your needs and priorities. We make the process easy for you, come in and visit us or place your order and arrange delivery online or over the phone.

Katya Shmaiger - Managing Director

Katya, along with her twin brother Alex, founded Kaligraphic Print in 2016, using their joint experiences to begin a business that covers the extensive printing needs of a wide range of customers. Katya began her career as a Graphic Designer,  and now has intimate knowledge of the entire printing and production process. Contact her with any questions, quotations, or orders at katya@kaligraphic.com.au

Alex Shmayger - Production Manager

Alex has worked across Russia and Australia in large printing companies and his expertise is extensive. Alex may be contacted with any questions regarding printing and production, and works into the night to bring our customers their products on time. Contact him at production@kaligraphic.com.au

Jerome Dizon - Production Manager

Jerome has worked extensively in the printing and production industry for many years. He’s the early riser of the business, and will be there to greet you should you knock on our door in the early hours. If you require his expertise in production, drop in to talk to him Mon-Fri between 9am and 4pm.

Melissa Coates - Graphic Designer

Melissa is relatively new to the industry, but completed a Masters Degree in Publishing at the University of Sydney in 2016. Her experience and education covers a broad range of illustration, graphic and print design.