About Us

Welcome from the team at Kaligraphic

Another couple of years have ticked off. It is thanks to you, our valued customers and our outstanding suppliers. From our paper man, who hunts out that special colour, to the poor Konica tech, who knows we have a deadline and a book to print by morning; Kaligraphic is a bit of a team effort – we acknowledge everybody with thanks.
Reflecting on our history, we started Kaligraphic Print as a way where Alex could shift back from Canberra and together, we could spend time with our ailing father, David. It was a pretty tough time, and it was a privilege to help him in his last years. Yes, we miss our papa terribly.
It might be a twin thing; when you put up with your brother for nine months, I got to kick him out!. Big brother Alex, who is thirty minutes older, and his family finally came to Australia when he was 40, hence his thicker accent. Our mum Oksana, David and I came to Australia when I was in my late twenties. Now in our fifties – we are back together. We have different skills. Alex plays table tennis!! I work, much to my husband’s dismay!
Jerome still hears Alex muttering in Russian. Without the balance of Jerome, people might say our Printery could be like a mad bolshevik revolution – honestly, we both speak fast at each other. A twin thing between us? Yes, probably! People say, when our older sister arrives, we all go up another octave!
For those of you who have not noticed, the new face is Nik, as in Nikita, the prodigal son. It is Nik who reminds us to mallow and speak in English and not be scrapping in Russian. Nik was cropping down in Griffith for a while and is back here to eat sushi and learn how
to fix technology. He is a very handy bloke to have around.
I guess we are really a family business!

Katya Shmaiger - The twin with the correctly spelt name!

Katya, along with twin brother Alex, founded Kaligraphic Print in 2016. It was their joint experiences and family need that was catalyst in creating a business that covers the printing for a wide range of customers. Katya began as a Graphic Designer, and gained knowledge of the entire printing and production process. A bit of blood and a few paper cuts involved along the way.
Her previous life as a school teacher makes her boss! Contact Katya with any questions, quotes, or orders  at katya@kaligraphic.com.au

Alex Shmayger - The brother - or the evil twin!

Alex Shmayger … Yes, he gets the odd spelling, it was a translator who decided SHMAYGER was how it was… Alex has worked across Russia and Australia in a few large printing companies and has vast knowledge. Go to Alex with any questions regarding printing, production or motorbikes or Table Tennis. He works into the night to bring customers their products on time. Contact him at production@kaligraphic.com.au

Jerome Dizon - Production Guru - he who does not complain!

Jerome has good history in printing and production. Many good years. Thankfully he’s the early riser of this business, and will be there to greet you should you knock on our door in the early hours. Jerome is the Instagram whizz, his creations showcase the office technology and help explain to many how it all works… We get an electronic file and that ends up looking slick in colour on a coffee table.
If you require his expertise/advise in finishing or want to see production videos of your job, get in touch with Jerome via our Instagram or facebook.

Nik Shmaiger - Son, and General Factotum

New to the business. Nik comes in, does the work and disappears as young people do until the next pile is ready. Its pretty much no nonsense from Nik, he gets into the groove and the job is done. He is a machine, just like his tractors back in Griffith!

De Henderson - Daughter of a Preacher Man: Ask and you shall receive.

De has joined the team to help respond to your inquiries. A librarian and wannabe author herself, she’s more than happy to answer your questions and help you on your way to publishing your work. For any inquiries about printing with Kaligraphic, you may contact De at graphics@kaligraphic.com.au

Paris Hilton & Lisa De Mouser

Paris Hilton, our beloved but now very old puppy dog who spends three days a week in the office. She was old when we found her a long time ago and truthfully, we hate leaving her at home… Watch your step, she is so little, blind, deaf and sleeps a lot!
Paris actually grumbles about the orange pretender – that is Lisa, the office cat… they tolerate each other. Lisa arrived, enjoyed the food, stayed and now is officially part of the business. She is “De Mouser”…